The Best Species of Shark to Catch

For experienced, hardy, and brave souls, fishing for these bad boys can be a real delight. A trip out into deep waters wouldn’t be complete without trying to bag the best species of shark to catch. Just a few of them are: Blacktips A common tropical shark the blacktip is known as one of the…Read More

How to Catch a Shark: what equipment do you need?

Going after sharks in the deep blue sea is not for the faint of heart. They are some of the toughest, baddest, strongest swimmers in the ocean. This isn’t your typical bass we’re talking about. Still, there are souls brave enough to chase them out into the deep water, and many come back with stories…Read More

The Best Spots to Cash in on the Shark Migration: Miami.

If you are one of the brave souls out there that is looking to conquer one of the toughest, meanest, most dangerous creatures in the water, then you better head down to Florida to get while the getting is good. Sharks are naturally migratory animals, and change their habitat for many reasons. This means that…Read More

Texas Saltwater Bag Limits

Fishing in Texas is one of the most unique experiences that an angler can have. All of the great coastlines, lakes, and rivers coupled with the amenities and friendly locals make for a great fishing trip if you come to visit. Like with everything, though, there are some rules, and they need to be followed…Read More

Where can you fish without a permit in Florida?

Fishing in Florida is incredibly popular. In fact, you pretty much aren’t a Floridian if you don’t try to catch anything once in a while. While you can have yourself a real fun time, as always there are some rules and regulations. You are going to need a fishing permit, even if you are just…Read More

Florida’s hidden gem: the 10,000 islands

The sunshine state is home to some of the best fishing anywhere in the world. With ample coastline, amenities, great year round weather, and waters full of fish, it is no wonder that people flock to Florida from around the world to dip their lures into the water. Although many places around the state are…Read More

The Mahi Mahi: the jewel of the ocean

Fish come in all shapes and sizes – some small and colorful, others large and shiny. Some have big sharp teeth, and some have no teeth at all. But of all of the fish swimming out in the ocean none are as beautiful as the mahi mahi. Although it is called the dolphin fish by…Read More