The Best Species of Shark to Catch

For experienced, hardy, and brave souls, fishing for these bad boys can be a real delight. A trip out into deep waters wouldn’t be complete without trying to bag the best species of shark to catch. Just a few of them are:


A common tropical shark the blacktip is known as one of the best sport fish in existence.  With a stout body and a length of about 5 feet, they can really give you problems. These guys are fast and tough to catch, and they never seem to run out of energy. If you’re lucky, you will get to see them make one of their patented leaps into the air while you pursue them. Legend says they can get over 10ft high. Landing the hook is just the beginning though. Be prepared for a fight because they don’t give in easily.


Both the longfin and shortfin type of mako make a great catch to go after. They are usually found in deep, cooler waters and are known as the some of the fastest in the water. If you can catch them, then you’ve really accomplished something. They make great table fare, and are widely-prized for their taste. Known as great leapers, they say that they can even jump into the boat!


One of the most unique-looking swimmers in the water, hammerheads are a prized game fish. They can get up to 20 feet in length and weight over 1,000lbs! Good luck with them. They are prized as a delicacy in many areas of the world, and some are known to be dangerous to humans. The majority, however, are just great game fish and don’t pose a threat. Reel one in and brag about it for the rest of your life.

Going after game fish in the deep waters of the world is a sport unlike any other. If you really want to experience everything that it has to offer, then you need to go after the best species of shark to catch. No fishing trip would be complete with them.