The Best Winter Fishing Spots in Texas

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and the cars, hats, and accents sure do live up to that promise. One other thing they do here bigger than just about anywhere else is sport fishing. Not just in the kind summer months, either. Make no mistake – Texas can get a bit chilly come winter time. The reason that most champion fishermen are pictured with a large catch and a light winter jacket is because they are down in the Lone Star State. Here are the best winter fishing spots in Texas.


A coastal fisherman’s paradise located on the Gulf of Mexico, Galveston is home to 50,000 people and a whole treasure trove of game fish. The temperatures are still bearable come winter time, and there are plenty of game fish still to be had. You can wrestle with trout and redfish, and they are at their largest during the cold months. The key is to look for muddy bottoms. This is where coldblooded fish head to get a little warmer. This will be your best bet to bag a big one. Not only that, but it’s a great city to explore on your down days. Galveston is one of Texas’ most important settlements and one of America’s most interesting cities.

Corpus Christi

Located along the coast in the South Texas region, Corpus Christi is home to over 400,000 people and plentiful game during the winter months. The cold weather presents your best opportunity to catch a trophy trout or redfish. The great thing is that fish, especially redfish, congregate in large groups around the warm areas. This makes them ripe for the picking. The real treats of this area are the coastal islands that lie toward the south. Get an experienced captain to take you out down there to really find the sweet spots.

Port Isabel/South Padre Island

Way down south in Texas is Port Isabel, a quaint little town with about 5,000 residents. What makes this place so special is the great weather during winter time, and the opportunities for catching some great fish. The real gem of the area is the Laguna Madre, a salty lagoon that is an estuary of the Gulf of Mexico. Port Isabel along with South Padre island offers many great opportunities to relax and fish during the winter in the warmer-than-average waters, and with the deeper waters you can still fish for marlin, tuna, and dolphin fish.

Texas is a big place and nowhere else on Earth does it quite like they do here. The game fishing is as big as the other things here, and great weather during the cold months means anglers from around the continent come on down for a chance to bag a trophy. If you are planning a trip down for some quality Texas winter fishing, then don’t miss out on these top spots