Florida Fishing Permit Regulations

Florida is one of the best locations for fishing on the planet. A mix of pristine ecosystems, waters full of fish and weather conditions mean that this southeastern state draws in tens of thousands of people every year to its waters to try and reel in the catch of a lifetime. Whenever you are going…Read More

3 Great Florida Fishing Tournaments

Every year, thousands of anglers flock to the Sunshine State of Florida to test their luck, and try to win big in some of the best fishing tournaments around. Crystal clear water and sun all year round make this the #1 destination for fishermen around the world. Here are 3 great Florida fishing tournaments for…Read More

3 Great Texas Fishing Tournaments

When most people think of fishing, they imagine sitting lakeside, or floating out on a boat with a lure cast into calm water, sipping a beer and enjoying the simple things in life. To the hard-core angler though, fishing means heading out into the water and going toe-to-toe with tough game, competing amongst each other…Read More

Everything You Want To Know About The Striped Bass

The striped bass, also known as Striper or Rock bass among the fishing community, is a salt water fish which is found all along the Atlantic coast. While it is often located in rivers, bays, inlets, estuaries, and creeks, the striped bass still needs salt water, but is usually found close to coastal features since…Read More

How To Pick The Right Gaff

A gaff is basically a large stick that has a barbed spear or hook attached to one end. It is used to hoist large fish out the water when bringing them onto a boat, or even to carry them back to shore. Fishing gaffs are generally used when the fish’s weight is too heavy for…Read More

The Amazing Bull Shark

The bull shark is named for its stocky body and short nose. It has a large dorsal fin and ranges in color from grey to brown, with lighter colors on its belly. They are large fish – typically 6-8 feet long and weigh between 100-300 lbs. Bull sharks are usually found in coastal areas, but…Read More

Do You Want to Be a Citizen Scientist?

The United States of America has some of the most beautiful, pristine, and diverse wildlife and natural landscapes in the entire world. Nowhere is this more true than right here in Florida. Our diverse ecosystems offer a plethora of wildlife and geographic regions to study, and it is up to us to do our best…Read More

3 of the Most Dangerous Species of Fish You Can Come Across

Fishing is a relaxing getaway from the day-to-day grind of normal life; beautiful scenery, calm and tranquil waters, peaceful animals. Nothing is more fun than tapping in to our primitive hunting instincts, and catching food for ourselves and our family. That is, until the tables are turned around, and you find yourself on the other…Read More