3 of the Most Dangerous Species of Fish You Can Come Across

Fishing is a relaxing getaway from the day-to-day grind of normal life; beautiful scenery, calm and tranquil waters, peaceful animals. Nothing is more fun than tapping in to our primitive hunting instincts, and catching food for ourselves and our family. That is, until the tables are turned around, and you find yourself on the other end of a most dangerous game. Most fish are going to be docile and receptive of the bait you cast in the water, but here are 3 of the most dangerous species of fish out there, and why you need to steer your boat clear of them.


Quick and long, these fish are quite common and are found across waters in northern hemisphere. The very definition of carnivorous, these babies are dangerous. With razor-sharp teeth and a penchant for getting a tad aggressive, they can ruin any fishing trip with one fell swoop. Pike are famous for their aggressive nature. They are even known to starting eating each other once they’ve run out of everything else. Amateurs are advised to stay away from these bad boys unless they feel like going toe-to-toe and getting a few deep bites on their hands.


Few predatory fish are so revered and feared as to get their very own rock song. The Great Barracuda happens to be one of them. This fish is no joke. With its speed, quickness, and biting ability it is among the most feared creatures in the water. Known for clearing out entire beaches of swimmers, and striking fear into the hearts of even the stoutest of fishermen, this Cheetah of the ocean has a bite that can leave you scarred for life. They are known to trail humans, often mistaking them for large fish, and attacking them to pick up leftovers. Some say that they can appear out of nowhere, even in tranquil waters. Always keep your eyes out for the Great Barracuda. They’ve been known to attack off the costs of Florida.


This is a group of fish with a unique appendage on their face, and includes the iconic Atlantic blue marlin. This nifty little adaptation is essentially a large spear that they use to fight off predators and kill prey. If you catch one of these things, be sure you keep it as far away from you as possible. Though they are known for using the bill to catch unsuspecting fish, it could still be used – even inadvertently – as a weapon against its human captors. The power behind it is enough to pierce the skin and do some serious damage.

If you take a few necessary precautions, fishing can be one of the most fun, relaxing , and fulfilling ways of spending either your down time, or if you are more of a pro, it can be a great way to make a good living. If you want to catch some friendly fish, have fun, and avoid danger, then stay away from these guys on the list. If you want to dance with the devil, then look no further than suitors number 1, 2 , and 3.