All About The Almaco Jack

If you’re looking for your next fishing challenge, you might want to consider the Almaco Jack. Their power and tenacity make them a popular fish for deep sea fishermen or those looking to test their skill.

When They’re In Season

Almaco Jack season runs year round. Due to their frequent spawning cycles there’s an abundance of them in the wild. The fish do not have a minimum size limitation and they fall within the twenty reef fish per day regulation. These are solely residential limitations as this particular fish has never been commercially harvested.

Where You Can Find Them

Almaco Jacks are rarely caught by fishermen near the coast. They prefer to live in small groups near reefs and frequent ocean wrecks. They have a quick strike and have a habit of taking bait before anyone realizes it’s gone. They are known to pull hard and put up a big fight when caught, especially as you pull them closer to the surface.

Handle With Care

Because Almaco Jacks tend to have exceptionally sharp gill plates, it’s recommended that you use a gaff or even fish grippers to get them into your boat in order to avoid potential injury. Be cautious when deciding to eat this particular type of fish. Ciguatera is a poison found in some reef fish that can cause gastrointestinal distress and in rare cases can be fatal. Fish, like the Almaco Jack, can become infected with ciguatera by eating smaller creatures that live in reefs who’ve come into contact with the poisonous substance in algae or seaweed. Because the Alamco Jack has been known to cause problems for humans it’s domestically farmed near the Hawaiian Islands to avoid posing as a health threat if consumed. However if you’re willing to put up the fight to hook one, and you’re sure it’s been taken from a clean area, then get ready for a treat. The Almaco Jack is known to have tender meat with a delicious flavour. Their flesh is firm making it better for grilling than the more popular snappers, meaning it’s a perfect addition to any barbecue. For more information on how to catch the Almaco Jack, fishing tips, tricks and so much more, be sure to download Pro Angler in the App Store today.