Jack, Almaco

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Jack, Almaco

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Scientific Name

Seriola rivoliana

Common Names

Deep-water jacks, European amberjacks, Falcate amberjacks, Jacks, Longfin kingfishes, Longfin yellowtails, Rock salmons, Silvercoat jacks, Yellow kingfishes


The Almaco Jack is similar in appearance to the Greater Amberjack. Almaco Jacks have a less elongated and flatter body than most jacks and also have longer lobes on the dorsal and anal fins. Their coloration ranges from dark brown to blue-green with the sides and belly considerably lighter occasionally with a blue, purple or bronze hue.

Habitat & Behaviour

Almaco Jacks can be found in offshore reefs and live close to the bottom. They have been known to form schools as well as venture into wrecks and other structures.

Natural Prey

The Almaco Jack subsists on a diet of smaller fish and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

Strong and powerful fish; best to use a gaff or fish grippers to bring on the boat. Gill plate can be sharp. When releasing, keep in water, removing hook with pliers or dehooker.