What You Need to Know about Barracuda Fishing

The great barracuda is a large fish indigenous to subtropical oceans all over the world. They range in size from 24″ to 39″ and 5.5 to 19.8 pounds, but they have been known to grow to 6.6 feet and weigh as much as 110 pounds. They have a powerful lower jaw lined with razor-sharp teeth, and two dorsal fins. The head is bullet-shaped and is metallic silver in color with black splotches. The great barracuda is classified as an unregulated species, meaning that when it comes to fishing them there are generally no regulations. However standard recreational gear requirements still apply as does a “bag limit” on how many can be harvested by a recreational angler. Be aware that in order to exceed the default bag limit or to sell commercially, a saltwater product license is required. To successfully catch the Great barracuda make sure you fish in areas where they’re known to inhabit, such as shallow areas near the shore. Larger ones tend to prefer areas a bit farther offshore, such as old wreckage sites and reefs. They are easily caught by using both lures and bait. Since they are curious by nature the great barracuda will investigate practically anything new that they see in their territory. Casted and retrieved baits, trolled rubber skirts, and trolled plugs have all proven to be effective great barracuda lures, while silver bait fish like sardines, mackerel and the like also work well. For more information on the great barracuda, as well as information on other fish, fishing tips and so much more, be sure to download Pro Angler in the App store today.