Barracuda, Great

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Barracuda, Great

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Scientific Name

Sphyraena barracuda

Common Names

Picuda, Sea Pike, Picuda


Great Barracudas are large, long fish with a lower jaw lined with formidable teeth. It has two dorsal fins, the latter has one spine and is almost aligned with the anal fin. The head is rather pointed looking and the coloration is a brilliant silver color with random black splotches.

Habitat & Behaviour

Great Barracudas can be found patrolling wrecks, piers and reefs but they can also be found in shallow and deep water both inshore and outshore.

Natural Prey

Great Barracudas have a broad diet and usually attack whatever comes within range. They are attracted to shiny flashes and feed on fish, chopping them in half with their strong jaws.

Handling Tips

You going to want to keep your hands away from this set of big and sharp teeth. Net them head first or gaff behind head. Use of a tail snare also works very well for larger ones – pull right out of water using tail snare. Gill plates not sharp but teeth are very sharp; watch your fingers when holding in the gills for photos etc.