3 Great Texas Fishing Tournaments

When most people think of fishing, they imagine sitting lakeside, or floating out on a boat with a lure cast into calm water, sipping a beer and enjoying the simple things in life. To the hard-core angler though, fishing means heading out into the water and going toe-to-toe with tough game, competing amongst each other for ultimate glory.

That’s where fishing tournaments come in. Each year, these are run to see who the best of the best is, and award prizes to whoever catches the biggest or baddest of them all. Texas, home to some of the best fishing waters in the world, is no stranger to these contests. Here are 3 great Texas fishing tournaments to pad your bank account with.

1) Bass-N-Bucks

This great tournament takes place across both Texas and Louisiana, and gets you and your team out on a lake, right in the middle of some of the best bass fishing of anywhere in the country. Your points are tallied based on your participation in the tournaments, and prizes can sometimes get into the thousands of dollars. Not too shabby for having a whole lot of fun.

2) Bass Champs

Another great bass tournament, this bad boy offers some of the biggest prizes around. With divisions across the state, and multiple dates each year, the competition can get pretty fierce. It’s all worth it though. Just ask the guys who reeled in over $20,000 in the Thousand Islands. If you are looking for a great learning experience, a test of wits with fish and other anglers, and a chance at big bucks, look no further.


The State Texas Angler’s Rodeo is one of the most prestigious tournaments around. Taking place right on the Gulf Coast, this tournament offers one million dollars in prizes. With big name sponsors like Ford getting into the mix, you know the prizes are going to be worth all of the sweat that you put into it. You need to be a CCA member, but if you get membership, then you are eligible to compete in the different divisions of the tournament including speckled trout, flounder, and king mackerel. Don’t miss out on the king of Texas Gulf tournaments.

Tournaments are the best way out there for pitting yourself against some tough competition. In the end it’s all about having a good time, and trying to win as big a prize as possible. So if you are a resident of Texas, or find yourself wanting to go there to try your luck, then don’t miss out on these 3 great Texas fishing tournaments.