The Mahi Mahi: the jewel of the ocean

Fish come in all shapes and sizes – some small and colorful, others large and shiny. Some have big sharp teeth, and some have no teeth at all. But of all of the fish swimming out in the ocean none are as beautiful as the mahi mahi. Although it is called the dolphin fish by some, it is known more by its traditional Hawaiian name to avoid confusion with the sea mammal. Flourishing in the waters around Florida and the Gulf Coast, this jewel of the ocean is a real treat to catch. If you do manage to wrangle one, consider yourself lucky. They may seem nice and gentle when you look, but make no mistake, these guys are more than meets the eye.


The average mahi mahi is going to weigh in between 15-30 pounds, with a single dorsal fin that stretches the length of their body.  Found mostly in tropical waters worldwide, what really sets them apart are their tantalizing colors. They are golden on the sides, and sport a wonderful combination of green and blue hues throughout the rest of their body. They really are a sight to behold. The Spanish even called them dorados, which means golden.


In Hawaiian, mahi mahi means very strong. So you can guess how tough it is to catch one of these. They can give even the most experienced anglers fits when they try to reel one in. They are prized sport fish due to their size, beauty, difficulty of catch, and of course for their taste. Known to hang around flotsam and jetsam in the water, charter fishing boats often take fishermen out to sea and look for things floating in the water. That’s where you can find them the most.

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The kicker in all of this is that they are delicious to eat. Commercially fished primarily in the Americas, mahi mahi have a unique and highly desired taste. The Gulf Coast and Caribbean Sea are dotted with seafood restaurants serving this delicacy. If you catch one, you are in for more than just a visual experience.

Fishing along the Gulf in Florida and Texas there are many great species of fish to try and catch. None are more beautiful than the mahi mahi, though. With beautiful golden colors, and hues of green and blue, they are among the most unique and spectacular creatures in the sea. Prized as sport fish around the world for how difficult they are to catch, and how great they taste once you do reel one, this jewel of the ocean is just one of the many reasons you should make your way down here for some great sport fishing.