Texas Saltwater Bag Limits

Fishing in Texas is one of the most unique experiences that an angler can have. All of the great coastlines, lakes, and rivers coupled with the amenities and friendly locals make for a great fishing trip if you come to visit. Like with everything, though, there are some rules, and they need to be followed to ensure that anglers and the environment are protected. Ignorance of the law is not a valid excuse. So make sure you follow Texas saltwater bag limits for popular species, or you’ll find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Striped Bass

One of the most popular game fish on the coast, anglers have been fishing for them since colonial times. They are one of the most widespread fish along the Atlantic coast. The current bag limit for Texas is 5, and the minimum length is 18 in.

Blue Marlin

As you may already know, the blue marlin is one of the biggest, baddest, and most unique looking fish in the ocean. Incredibly hard to catch, but tasty when cooked, it could be tempting to take as many of these bad boys home as you can fit. There is no limit on the number you can catch in Texas, but good luck catching more than one! The minimum size that you’re allowed to keep is 131 inches.


This flathead fish is a popular dish in many seafood circles, and a fun fish to spend the day trying to catch. The daily bag limit is two, and the minimum length is 37 inches.

King Mackerel

One of the area’s most important commercial and recreational species, the King Mackerel is a highly migratory fish found around the Gulf of Mexico. Usually weighing between 10-30 lbs, and covered in scales, they tend to have an olive color on their backs. There is currently a daily bag limit of 2, and a minimum size of 27 inches.

In order to have a fun fishing trip that is also in compliance with local regulations, it is important to obey the bag limits. These laws are in place to protect the species, and also to assure that everyone gets a fair chance at catching them. It isn’t nice to hog up all of the fish to yourself. So next time you come down to Texas, be aware of the saltwater bag limits, and have a good time.