Competition in Paradise: the Key West fishing tournament

There are many words that express the idea of paradise on earth: blissful, beautiful, perfect, stunning, picturesque, and quaint are just some of the terms that come to mind. They could all be used to describe Key West. A little island sitting at the bottom of the Florida Keys, an island chain running off the coast Florida, Key West is home to great fun, food, and fishing. That includes one of the best, and most fun competitions in the Caribbean, the Key West fishing tournament. Anglers both amateur and pro alike can come down to this island and experience a bit of competition in paradise. No bucket list would be complete without it.

What is the tournament?

Established in 1965, the tournament is held in picturesque Key West, Florida, and lasts throughout the year, including several different smaller events. In a nutshell, anglers are allowed to target 44 different species, including some staples of the fishing scene in this area like blue marlin and bonefish with a range of different techniques. There are plenty of different rules and regulations that need to be followed, but in general, when you catch a fish you need to have it weighed by an official of the tournament, and prizes are awarded for several different categories. Everyone, including children are free to give it a go, and some of the categories include:

• Spin
• Plug
• Fly
• Unlimited Test

What kind of prizes are there?

The tournament is sponsored by several of the area’s biggest tourist attractions, including five star resorts, and beautiful hotels. This means that the prizes can be very attractive. The tournament often awards cash prizes in the thousands of dollars for people who catch the biggest fish in a category, and lavish vacations at some big resorts are awarded to overall winners of the contest.

How do I enter?

The best thing about the tournament is that it isn’t structured in the way that many of the major competitions are. In fact, it is more like an ongoing competition instead of a single major event. All that you have to do to be “entered” into the tournament is to fish with a registered captain, catch a qualifying fish, have it weighed at an official station, and submit your forms.

Coming down to Key West in general is a lot of a fun for everyone. Enjoying the weather, scenery, and amenities is enough to have a great time on any vacation, but it’s the fishing that really makes the stay. Join in the Key West fishing tournament that runs every year, and submit your trophy catch to try win your share of the prize.