The Best Fishing Spots in Florida for Families

Fishing is one of the world’s most popular recreational holidays, so it is no wonder that millions of people come down to the Sunshine State every year for some fun in the sun. Most anglers aren’t alone on their quest to catch fish, though. Chances are that you are going to have your family, too. While some spots down here are great for singles, it helps to know the best fishing spots in Florida for families if you plan on coming down here with the kids. Our favorite destinations are:


Orlando doesn’t usually jump to mind for its fishing opportunities since it isn’t located right on the coast, but in reality it has some great advantages over other places in the state. It is only a short ride to the coast, and there are many different places you can get to easily with Orlando as your base. All of the rivers and lakes in the area help to make it one of the state’s hotspots for activity in the angling world. Not only that, but it is great for families. Disney World is only a stone’s throw away, and there are tons of family-oriented things to do in the city. You will never get bored in this town.


It isn’t possible to mention Florida fishing without saying the name Destin. They go hand in hand. This “luckiest fishing village in the world” isn’t like the other big city destinations in the state. It has a gigantic fishing fleet, and has some of the best beaches in the country. What really makes it great for families is that there are tons of great things to do in town including shopping, entertainment, and dining, and it all is done in a small, quaint, and safe village. With little kids it is best to escape the big city, and find somewhere quiet. We all know that they are going to make enough noise for the whole family!

St. Augustine

The reason that this city makes it on to our list is because it has so much to do besides fishing. Not only is the angling great, with beautiful waters and plenty of family-friendly charters, but the history of this city stretches back centuries. You can wander the streets, check out some museums, and have fun in the many parks in the area. It is great for any history buff, and provides plenty of safe family entertainment.

Florida is full of fun for everyone. Where else can you get world class fishing in perfect weather, miles of sandy beaches, and endless entertainment options all in one place? With a great mix of parks, beaches, charters, and entertainment options, these cities are the best fishing spots in Florida for families. So bring everyone down and have a great time.