Destin, Florida: the world’s luckiest fishing village

When planning your next fishing trip down to Florida, it is important to get a good idea for where you want to go. After all, there are so many locations down here that it wouldn’t be possible to see them all even if you had months to do it. You have to choose wisely. That is why we recommend you make your way down to Destin, Florida. It isn’t called “the world’s luckiest fishing village” for no reason. Boasting some of the best waters for angling on the planet, there is enough here to keep you saying wow until the day you leave.

Why Destin?

How do you feel about beautiful, pristine white beaches? What about five-star cuisine? Maybe you like world-class golf? If any of these things sound like something that you’d be in to, then Destin is your ticket to a great trip. Boasting some of the best shopping of anywhere in the country, and fantastic restaurants serving delicious fresh seafood, there is enough here to keep you occupied every day of your visit. The beautiful vistas, warm water, and blazing sun all make for a great trip any time of year. There is a reason why it is the capital of the Emerald Coast.

The fishing

All of the shopping, entertainment, dining, and fun are awesome, but it is the fishing that really makes this place great. Nestled snuggly in a harbor on the Florida Panhandle, this city on the Gulf of Mexico boasts some of the most teeming waters in all of the world. That is why it is called the world’s luckiest fishing village. Anglers down here can do battle with many different mighty species, but the most common ones that you will find are:

Black drum

Not only these, but many more. What’s better is that it is possible to catch most of them right from the beach.

When should I go?

Any time of year is a great time to make your way to Destin, but we have to recommend going in the fall. Not only are the temperatures a little more mild, but the place isn’t as crowded. That means you can easily get a tee time at the course, a reservation at a restaurant, or spot on the beach, and you won’t have to battle too many other people for the fish. Even if you did, though, there would still be plenty to go around.

If you are thinking about coming down to Florida for a great fishing trip, then you should probably choose the quaint little town of Destin. The new regional airport has made it a lot more convenient to get to. There are many perfect places to sink your lure into the water, but out of all of them, Destin, the world’s luckiest fishing village is the cream of the crop. Get down here, and experience it for yourself.