3 Must-Catch Florida Fish

When making your way down to this sunny peninsula, you want to make sure that you are ready for one of the best fishing experiences of your life. The fish here aren’t just going to test you, they are going to fight you to the last. But that’s what any die-hard angler wants, isn’t it? While going out in the water here is a lot of fun no matter what, and you can catch just about anything your heart desires, a trip to Florida wouldn’t be complete without trying to reel in these 3 must-catch Florida fish.


One of the most common kinds of fish around, this silver king is one of the most prized sport fish on the planet. The reason that people love them(or hate them depending on your point of view) is because they are one of the best fighters in the water. You aren’t going to take them down easy, but if you do get one, it is a story to tell the whole bar when you get back.


If you are heading into warmer waters, then keep your eyes out for Snook, one of Florida’s most popular catches. They are a vicious predator fish, and strong as an ox so don’t expect them to roll over and happily get up into your boat. They are going to take some time to catch, but it is worth all of the sweat. Hold it up for a photo and be proud that you out-duelled one of the water’s most fearsome fighters.

Red Snapper

Found in deeper waters offshore, a red snapper is one of the best fish that you can catch. They are high in number, and plentiful in the waters off of the sunshine state. They aren’t quite as tough to catch as the other guys here, but what sets them apart is how great they taste. They might be the best fish in the water for food. Reel them in, bring them home, and fry them up. There is nothing better than catching your food. It’s just human nature.

There are many reasons to come down to Florida, one of them being the great fish that lay waiting for you out in the water. If you are coming down, then mark these 3 must-catch Florida fish in your notebook, and get ready for a battle. A trip down here wouldn’t be complete without them.