The Blue Marlin: a symbol of the sea

There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so they say. No doubt about that. The ocean is full of so many different species that it is hard to keep track. This is especially true in the beautiful blue waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean. Out of all the fish in the sea, though, few are as storied as the blue marlin. One of the world’s most popular fish, entire million-dollar industries have built up around this species. The blue marlin has become a symbol of the sea down here in the Sunshine State. Before making your way down here, you should know a few things about them.


Blue and black up top with a silvery white underside, these beautiful fish can grow up to 16 ft long, and weigh over 1,000 lbs! Instantly recognizable due to their sword-like bill, the Blue Marlin is one of the most beautiful fish in the water. Unique because of their ability to shift color at times, they are unlike anything else in the ocean.


The Blue Marlin is found all year round in the warm tropical waters of the Atlantic, but they are also found in the Indo-Pacific regions, as well. They are primarily found in the deep waters of the ocean, but will occasionally make their way closer to land when the conditions are favourable. What makes them prized catch for sport fishing is that they are extremely strong and fast. If you fight with one and live to tell the tale, then you should brag to your friends. They are known to put up a fight for hours on end, and don’t ever go down easy. Expect to fight them to the bitter end, even once you get them on the boat.

Table fare

Not only are they prized for how tough they are, but they are also world-renowned for their taste. Famous for their taste as a raw food, they are popular sashimi ingredient. On top of this they are also popular off of the grill. In fact, it is common to see roadside vendors in Hawaii selling grilled filets of marlin. Restaurants around the area here serve them on their menus, too.

With all of the fish out there in the sea, it is hard for us to really pinpoint exactly one that is the most popular, toughest, or most delicious. However, we can narrow that list down quite a bit. The blue marlin is certainly one of them, and has become a symbol of the sea-faring way of life down here. So come on down, and try your luck.