The Best Winter Fishing Spots in Florida

There are many things that make the sunshine state one of the best spots for fishing on the planet. Not only is there an endless supply of game, thousands of miles of beautiful, white sand beaches, and a plethora of experienced charter companies looking to take you out into the great blue sea, there is also great weather here all year round. While everyone up north is freezing under a blanket of snow, down here the people are still out and about casting their lures into the water. It might not be quite the same as summer fishing, but it is just as good. Here are some of the best winter fishing spots in Florida if you do choose to make your way down during the season.

The Keys

This goes without saying. Winter, spring, summer or fall, the Florida Keys are one of the best spots for fishing, period. What makes them such a great winter destination, though, is the weather is close to perfect. Not cold, but not as hot as it is during the summer months. Not only that, but it isn’t as busy, either. The waters here are still teeming with game, and there are nearly limitless options for deep sea, inshore, and other kinds of angling. From Key West to Key Largo, you won’t run out of great spots to cast your lure. Despite some of the minor “cold fronts” that come in, the days are warm and there are plenty of opportunities to catch barracuda, jacks, and even tarpon in the backcountry.

Tampa Bay

A bustling large city full of culture, entertainment, and great fishing, the Tampa Bay Area is great for a winter visit. The temperatures are fairly mild, and even the chill of the wind out on the water won’t phase you if you are used to the chill up north. You can fish in the grass flats close to the docks and bay or head out into the Gulf of Mexico. Chances are you can catch a big fish during this time. You don’t have to be an expert to reel in a big one. Take your pick of trout, redfish, flounder, or black drum, and then head back to land to enjoy the mild weather in an awesome city.

Crystal River/Homosassa

Located north of Tampa Bay up the coast a ways are the cities of Crystal River and Homosassa. Part of the “Nature Coast” of the state, they are situated on King’s Bay. What makes this area special is that the water here is spring-fed so that it remains at a warm 72 degrees all year round. This means that even in the winter you can have a great warm water fishing experience. With great natural parks, beautiful rivers, and warm waters off the coast, you can expect to get your hands on snapper, snook, and bass. Where the fresh water meets the saltwater, you can also find redfish and trout.

Florida’s year-round beautiful weather is one of the main reasons that so many snow birds from the northern states make their way down here for some great fishing. Not only will you get all of the great angling advantages that this state brings, but you’ll get to do it in mild weather while escaping the snow back home. These are the best winter fishing spots in Florida for the avid anglers that want the best fishing experience possible.