The Best Table Fish in Texas

Texas is a land of extremes. One of the largest, most diverse, and proudest states in the nation, they just do things a little differently down in the lone star state. That includes fishing, too. Not surprising seeing as how they have some of the best coastline in the world along the Gulf of Mexico. Many of the fish here aren’t just great because of how difficult they are to catch, they are prized because they go great in our stomachs. If you are heading down there for your next fishing trip, then these are the best table fish in Texas to catch.

The Blue Marlin

While often associated with Florida, it is still possible to catch these bad boys in Texas. They can be found in the deep waters of the gulf off of the coast. Not only are they one of the biggest, and most beautiful fish in the water, they are one of the one of the most delicious, too. They are a prized meat for sushi, and can often be found fresh on local menus. Don’t throw these guys back unless you have to.

The Bluefin Tuna

One of the most prized fish out of the bunch, these guys can fetch a hefty price on the market. There are a lot of regulations surrounding them, and you’d be right to want to know what is and isn’t against the law before you try to get one. If you do, though, then be ready for a treat. You can find them along the Gulf of Mexico, and many recommend Galveston as the hotbed at this point in time. Cook them any way you want, or sell them off if you can.

Mahi Mahi

Also known as the dolphin fish, but more commonly by its Hawaiian name Mahi Mahi, or even Spanish name, Dorado as to avoid confusion with the dolphin of greater fame. They are brilliantly colored, and widely considered the most beautiful fish in the sea. Not only are they a tough fish to reel in, they also taste amazing. They are incredibly flavorful, and are popular in fish recipes all around the Gulf and in Latin America.

Fishing is a great sport because of the comradery that you build, the skill that you need, and the fun that you have, but make no mistake, there are other benefits to catching these swimmers in the sea. Some taste great, and others taste too good to describe. These three are the best table fish in Texas and should go straight from the water, and into your belly.