Few places, if any, offer the diversity of species that Texas does in regards to saltwater fish. Any angler looking to go after new kinds of fish will find no better place to try their luck. From big to small, the coast of the Gulf of Mexico is teeming with a diverse array of fish that everyone can enjoy doing battle with. Knowing which ones are which is helpful on your trip, though, so let’s run through some Texas saltwater fish identification tips.

Kingfish – One of the most fun and exciting species to go after, a kingfish is a kind of mackerel that is known to weigh anywhere between ten and forty pounds, though most are around 20lbs. Sleek, shiny, and elongated, these bad boys can be a real test due to their speed. Their greenish-blue hue and mouth full of razor-sharp teeth make them a real trophy of a catch.

Tarpon – These guys can be silver in appearance, and are known to have a dark green back. They are said to resemble giant shiners. Sometimes they can be up to 150lbs, but typically weigh much less. They are known to hang around the low coast of Texas well into November.

Marlin – The Gulf is home to different kinds of this fish, but the most common are blue and white. What really makes these guys unique is their spear-like upper jaw. It can really do some damage. The underbelly is usually a shade of white, and they are known to reach sizes of up to 8 feet. They make for a real treat to go after – and a great prize to show off. It isn’t an easy catch, but it’s sure worth it.