When you think of the Florida Keys, our first instinct is to jump straight to Key West. But that isn’t the only option. Further east, and closer to the mainland you can find Islamorada, “the purple island”. One of the most beautiful keys in the island chain, Islamorada fishing charters are the best way for anglers to experience this unique fishing village. Due to the vastness of the surrounding seas, it is important to have an experienced local who knows the best places to take you to fish. Most keys are known for vacationing and tourism, Islamorada is known for its fishing. That’s what attracted famous names like Hemingway and Ted Williams to spend so much time on the island. Putt around the keys, straddle the cost, sail the Southern Gulf or head out into the Atlantic, it is all possible from the marinas on the island.

The sport fishing capital of the world

Need we say anymore? People come from all over the world to this tiny island to take in its unique fishing culture, and try their hand at tangling with some of the world’s feistiest and difficult catch(did we mention that many of them are delicious too?). Due to the infrastructure, local expertise, and vast marine life in the surround waters, nowhere else in the world rivals the sport fishing that awaits you here. The coral reefs and broad ledges surrounding the island make great shelters for massive populations of fish, and if you come here, you can expect to go up against angelfish, grunt, and even nurse shark if you feel like getting your heart racing. Want to see shipwrecks or underwater research facilities, too? No problem.

Any trip to Florida for fishing needs to include Islamorada. Beautiful weather, plenty of fish, and a rich cultural tradition of angling make this the Florida Key’s fishing hotspot, and “Sport Fishing Capital of the World”.