Located in the heart of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Area, Tampa is a big city of over 300,000 people. Consistently ranked as one of the world’s best outdoor cities, this place is an angler’s paradise for many reasons. Nestled on a picturesque bay that opens up into the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, the metro area is by some measures the largest in the state. The ample waters and services make deep sea fishing in Tampa, Florida a fun activity for families or for die-hard veterans. Enjoy the proximity to the panhandle, southern Gulf Coast, and Orlando if you want to jump off to a new location, or head in to downtown for some great fun and excitement when the angling is done.

Sparkling Blue Water

What really makes this place a Mecca is the clear, sparkling waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This area has more days of calm seas and weather than just about anywhere else, and some of the best sport fishing to boot. Known as the grouper fishing capital of the world, you can skim the waters to reel in these tasty delicacies. If you want to venture out further into the deep blue and go up against marlin, sailfish, wahoo, Spanish mackerel and a whole lot more, then that is your prerogative. If it is a deep sea fish, then you can find it here. What else could you possibly need in a fishing trip other than perfect weather, and water full of game?

Deep sea fishing in Tampa, Florida comes with advantages not offered by other places. You can get the big city feel, but still escape the hustle and bust by hitting the beach and the small towns around the city center. What’s most important is the perfect weather, ideal calm sea conditions, and bountiful catch swimming below the waters of the gulf. “Cigar City” as it has been known is one of the best angling spots on Earth.