Anglers with dreams of reeling in big game like tarpon or kingfish, all the while being in a perfect climate and calm waters are advised to make their way to the southern Florida coastline along the Gulf of Mexico. Tropical weather and warm, peaceful seas make for the perfect trip. Although there are nearly limitless places for a person to try on the West Coast, few offer the advantages of Sarasota. Deep sea fishing in Sarasota, Florida is a special experience because of the famed resorts and cultural opportunities on land, and the unparalleled fishing out at sea. It’s easy for even a non-enthusiastic beginner to get “hooked”, and start coming back every year. Charter a private boat or take a public outing, and try your luck against grouper, mackerel, snapper, cobia, and shark. It isn’t for the easily scared, but it sure is fun.

Pro Angler local destination: Siesta Key

Located just off the shore of Sarasota is Siesta Key. Formerly Sarasota Key, this little island is home to about 7,000 people. Besides your normal, vibrant island culture, this little rock is also home to some great fishing opportunities. If you want to escape the city, and get a more authentic island experience, then this quaint little place is only a short boat ride away. Take your pick of seasoned fishing veterans located on the docks to give you an authentic, hands-on experience. After a long, arduous session of battling snook and kings, head back to the island for a nice, quiet, relaxing night on the beach.

A small city with a big city feel, Sarasota is home to a thriving arts community, cultural attractions, beautiful beaches, and of course world-class deep sea fishing. It isn’t called the cultural center of West Central Florida for no reason. Great weather, great waters, and great game make a deep sea fishing trip here great fun.