Port Aransas is known far and wide by pros and amateurs alike as the “fishing capital of Texas.” It doesn’t matter what your skill level or passion for bait and tackle is – this place has something for you. Any angler looking to dip their lure into some fine deep sea water can find their dream location here, and there is no shortage of willing boat captains and companies to guide you out into the pristine deep blue waters of the Gulf. If you are looking to take the trip of a lifetime, you’ve come to the right place.

For the amateurs

“Port A” as the locals call it, has everything for the fishing enthusiast just looking to have a good time. There are several fun fishing piers where you can stay on dry land, but still get a shot at reeling in the catch of a lifetime. After you are done pulling fish out of the water, there is plenty of fun and entertaining stuff to do to round out your dream fishing trip. You can hang out at any of the marinas and have a great seafood dinner, or go out to sea on a privately chartered boat and enjoy the peace and quiet while living it up with your friends. This place has it all.

For the Pros

If you are a seasoned fishing pro, then the deep sea fishing at Port Aransas is second to none. This little town hosts more than twenty serious fishing tournaments in the warm summer. None more prestigious than the oldest and most storied of the Texas Gulf, The Deep Sea Roundup. Fisherman don’t usually travel alone, so this town is used to hosting families and friends, meaning that there will be plenty to keep everyone occupied. Out in the deep waters, you can wrestle with some of the biggest game in the ocean – kingfish, marlin, and tuna.