Nestled on the panhandle of Florida, Panama City is the largest city between Tallahassee and Pensacola. This beautiful town is situated on St. Andrew’s Bay along the beautiful Gulf Coast of Florida. Although not as warm as southern reaches of the Peninsula, this panhandle still has a subtropical climate, making for great weather all year round. Located adjacent to the city is Panama City Beach, the area of town where all of the nightlife, beaches, and fishing are located. Deep sea fishing in Panama City Beach, Florida is famous for the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. With miles of white sandy beaches, plenty of fun stuff to do, and great water for fishing, this is one of the most famous destinations in the whole area.

The Riviera of the South

Panama City Beach, Florida is known as the Riviera of the South, or more informally, “the Redneck Riviera” because of all of the tourists that flock to area from across the southern gulf region. Even though most of the western Panhandle is known by this name, this city is the center of it all. Sandy beaches, some of the best seafood around, lots of nightlife and plenty of in-town attractions make this a great place for some family fun. Did we mention the fishing? Just a short boat ride out to sea and you are in beautiful, deep blue waters ready to fish the bottom for grouper, Snapper, triggers, and more.

World-renowned for its saltwater and deep sea fishing, Panama City Beach is a Mecca for gulf coast anglers, and tourists from around the world. No trip to Florida would complete without a stop here. You can find everything you need from 12 hour and overnight trips, to four hour excursion. Pro or novice, deep sea fishing in Panama City Beach will be a trip to remember.