A trip to the southeastern Atlantic coast of Florida for some sport fishing wouldn’t be complete without a trip to Palm Beach. Located smack-dab on the coast, this island city is the easternmost city in the state. This gives it unrivaled access to the deep waters of the Atlantic and makes it a prime location for anglers all year round looking to go up against the mighty fish of the deep Atlantic waters. Its beautiful beaches and tropical climate means that anglers can comfortably hit the waters at any time, and go up against some of the great game located off the coast. Palm Beach, Florida deep sea fishing is a cut above.


These highly migratory, extremely fast swimmers are famous in this area, and are a prized catch if you can reel one in. Spend the day trying to snatch them out of the water, but be aware that they are slippery, and they certainly don’t like going down without a fight. Be careful to stay aware from their sword-like bills, as they can do some hefty damage. At the end of the day though, reeling one of these bad boys in is worth all of the trouble.

Locals’ tip: Singer Island

Located north of the city, this island is home to luxury places to stay on the sea shore, exclusive coastline, and some of the best fishing opportunities. Due it being away from the touristy area on the other islands, you can have a more quiet stay here. There are many companies willing to make custom or private fishing tours for you, your family, or group of friends. Don’t rule out making the short drive up the highway to get a more authentic experience of what fishing is like in this area.

No trip to the southeast coast of Florida would be complete without a deep sea fishing trip in Palm Beach. You can find great opportunities here to catch swordfish, tarpon, snook, and other tough critters, and cap the day off with a relaxing night on the beach.