Located closer to Cuba then to Miami, Key West is the United States’ southernmost tropical paradise. There is not another city in the country that can rival the unique atmosphere that exists here. A great mix of cultures, interesting history, excellent cuisine, and vibrant downtown community make this a must-visit for anyone looking for a great vacation. Not only is it a great destination for spring break party goers, but it is also a magnet for ardent fishermen looking to catch some saltwater fish.

A Key West fishing charter is a great way to kick-start a fishing trip on the island. Local captains can take you or your whole family out for half a day or the full day for a fun experience. Take a cruise all around the Keys if you want, or head out into the deep waters for some tougher catches. The fact that this is a world-class tourist destination means that there will be no shortage of companies ready and willing to take you out onto the crystal clear blue water.

Coral Reef Fishing: Key West’s best fishing spot

While it is possible to fish in the marina’s or hug the coast to find some great fish, heading out to the coral reef is what really makes a fishing trip here special. The reef extends from Miami, all the way to about 70 miles west of the island, and is the only living reef in the country. Its dips and grooves offer protection for the masses of fish that crowd around it, meaning it is teeming with game. It is almost impossible not to catch something. A local captain with years of experience is the best way to see the reef, as they can show you the best spots to go, and the best techniques for fishing on what is likely a new formation for you. Some of the tastiest fish reside here, too, meaning you can head back to shore and eat your catch, or hang it up on the wall.