Fly Fishing has been called the contemplative man’s sport. Hailed as one of the world’s most relaxing recreational activities, the art of tying an artificial piece of bait on the end of the line and throwing it into the water is as popular today as it was in its humble beginnings centuries ago. Since it is only you outside against the water and game, it is important to have favorable conditions for your trip. That’s why so many choose to do their saltwater fly fishing in Florida. This state possesses some of the best weather conditions on the planet for this sport. The extensive coastline means that there are a ton of great spots for setting up shop.

Pro Angler Top Spots

The Everglades

Where else could be better than a famous national park? Home to some of the nation’s eeriest landscapes, this swamp-like area stretches for miles. Nationally protected, you will need a fishing license. Some have caught tarpon and snook, but there are plenty of other species that you can try to catch with your whip. This is the number one destination for avid fishermen, and outdoorsy types alike.


Known as the crown Jewel of Southwest Florida, and a great jump off sport for trips into the Everglades, it is possible to have a great fly fishing trip here without leaving town. The miles of beaches give an angler a wide array of fishing opportunities in the calm waters off of the coast. The real reason it is so good is that the waters are brimming with fish like snook, pompano, and permit.


One of the most beautiful islands in the Florida Keys, and the only one known exclusively for its fishing, Islamorada is a must-see for every fly fisherman. The calm waters and beautiful weather caused by the gulf stream, make it the perfect place to wade out into the water and cast your line. There are plenty of fish to catch, but it is the beautiful sun and sandy beaches that make this the perfect place to go. If you are after perfect weather, beautiful water, and lots of a catch, Islamorada is the place.