If you want to go on a fishing trip, then you should choose a place with great weather, plenty of great surrounding water, lots of fish, and plenty of fun things to do on land. If you are looking for all of these things in one place, then the place to be is Key West, Florida. Located at the extreme southern end of the state, this chain of islands is in the ideal location for all kinds of outdoor activities. Straddling the border of three bodies of water – the Atlantic, Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico – the options for deep sea fishing in Key West are limitless. Warm all year round, and surrounded by different ecosystems, anyone can have a great time here. Add in all of the fun on land, and everyone from the novice to the pro has something they can do, all while being in an island paradise.

What can you catch?

In short, just about everything. The diverse waters around the Keys make for a great mix of fish to go after. To the western side, or inner coast of the Keys, you can find the warm, peaceful waters of the Gulf Mexico. Here you can go after mackerel, tarpon, snook, and bonefish just to name a few. Other larger fish can be had in the warmer months, but migratory patterns make them subject to change. Tuna and other larger fish are known to be found in the deeper water.

If you are a seasoned veteran, then you might want to wander out to the east into the Atlantic Ocean. Here in the deep blue waters you can find any kind of large game that you want to pit your will against. Try your luck against swordfish, white and blue marlin, and a host of other big game. Once you are out to the reef, the fun really begins.

Back on Dry Land

A town can’t be located on a tropical island and not become a destination. Key West is the biggest settlement on the islands, and is home to some of the best nightlife in the area. Enjoy the beaches, the bars, clubs, and shops in this hip little village. It is the perfect way to warm up your body after a long hard night of fishing in the Atlantic. Due to being a major cruise line destination and port of call in the area, there is guaranteed to be something here to keep you entertained all day and night.