Traditionally, Kayaks were used by indigenous people to hunt wildlife in the frigid arctic. Nowadays, they are used mostly for sports and entertainment. In recent times, fishing from them has become more and more popular for many reasons. In warmer regions, it is popular all year round, and is an excellent way to go after fish in shallower water. If you are thinking about taking a fishing trip, then you might want to consider this kind of sport. Fishing from a kayak has a few major advantages over traditional methods.

It’s more convenient

Unlike a larger boat, you can personally store a kayak with ease. You don’t need a marina or a big back yard. Instead of hitching it to the back of your truck, you can just plop it on the roof of your car and take it anywhere. Just push it out into a lake and you are ready to go. They are great for maneuvering in bays or along the coastline, and can handle rivers and lakes too. People have taken up this sport for just this reason.

It’s less expensive

Think about the costs of going out on a charter-boat to fish every time you want to hit the water. It gets expensive. Don’t even think about owning the boat yourself either. Now add in maintenance, fuel, and storage and you don’t even want to know the final figure. A kayak can be purchased at relatively inexpensive prices, and doesn’t cost much to maintain at all. That and you can still have a lot of the comforts of a boat too such as coolers, rod holders, GPS, and other comforts, too. So you can save money and still have a great fishing experience.

It’s environmentally friendly and healthy

Anyone who loves fishing in the water should love keeping that water clean. While the industry does well to be eco-friendly, it’s no secret that all of the fuel and other things associated with larger boats can do some damage. A kayak on the other hand is propelled by human energy. On top of that you get a lot of great exercise propelling yourself along. Couple that with fighting with fish and you’ll get a workout for sure.

Kayak fishing is becoming more and more popular these days for many good reasons. It is more convenient, less expensive, and more eco-friendly and healthy than the traditional kinds boating. It won’t be able to go out too deep, and we certainly don’t recommend sleeping over in one, but for everything else it has some distinctive advantages over taking a boat out.