The fishing capital of Southern Gulf region of Florida, Fort Myers weighs in at just over 65,000 residents. Don’t let that number fool you, though, this city has plenty to offer. This place as relied on fishing for thousands of years, as far back as the native fishing village that once stood here. Until this day, the economy here is still based on fishing, and recreational angling, as well as tourism. It is easy to see why. With beautiful tropical weather, and lovely beaches, here you have access to bays, rivers, and seas. That is exactly what drew legends like Edison and Ford to build their winter getaway mansions here. Fort Myers fishing charters offer you the chance to take a fully licensed ship anywhere you desire. You can go up the river inland, into the islands off the coast, or out in the Gulf of Mexico to fish for any kind game you can think of.

Catch to look out for

The Fort Myers area is home to plenty of different types of game, but in general the locals like to go after game fish like snook, redfish, and trout. All of these critters can grow to be a decent size, and put up a good fight against even a seasoned angler. So pull up your overalls and roll up your sleeves, because you are in for a fight. You can book charters specifically for these kinds of fish too. Night Snook charters, tarpon charters, and other inshore trips can be had for a few hundred dollars. Not too shabby.

The great weather, endless beaches, and fantastic waterways that surround this city make it the place to go in Southwest Florida. Don’t believe us? Come see for yourself. Fish in the inland bays, dig along the depths of the river, angle through the mud, or go out to sea.