The Florida Keys are one of the most unique regions of the entire country. A small group of islands connected to the mainland by a staggeringly beautiful highway that looks more like a winding bridge that it does a road. Crash land here and I bet you’d think you were on an exotic Caribbean island. Truth is, you pretty much are. The Keys straddle the boundary between three major water bodies, one of them is the Caribbean and the others are the Gulf of Mexico, and the South Atlantic.

Unlike its more touristy cousin, Key West, Key Largo feels a little more residential, and is more geared toward relaxing on the beach and fishing rather than partying it up. That makes it a special destination for anglers. It’s hard to find the same mix of tropical fun, relaxing nights, and world-class fishing anywhere else. If the weather and scenery don’t keep you coming back, then the thrill of fighting some of the biggest swordfish, tuna, and marlin will. Known as a diving Mecca, but also as a fishing magnet, this island has something to offer everyone.

Boats of all kinds

If you’re thinking of going after a blue marlin or swordfish, then you can easily find a charter to take you out there. If you want to sportfish a little closer to shore, that can be arranged. One of the best things about this island is that you can charter a boat anywhere: out to sea, into the harbor, to the beautiful coral reef, or to the areas of the other islands. You can even charter a private party boat if you want. Fun for one person, groups of friends, or families a fishing trip in Key Largo has more to offer than just world-class fishing.

Tropical weather, relaxing nights, great fishing, and fun on the high seas are what draw fishermen and tourists all year every year to this island off the coast of Florida. Finding another one to rival the opportunities you will have here is a tall task. Make Key Largo your next destination if you are looking for thrills, and unforgettable experiences.