While the more populated East Coast of Florida sits on the rough Atlantic Ocean, the West Coast is known for the calm, peaceful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. The Florida Gulf is known for being a little quieter than its larger cousin, and the waters here offer up a different feel, and different species of fish. From Panama City in the north to Tampa and Naples down south, the avid fisherman inside all of us will feel right at home here. Deep sea fishing in the Florida Gulf is as fun and exciting as anywhere else.

The fish of the gulf

Any angler looking to come here for some thrills is going to be in paradise. The beautiful blue waters of the gulf are home to two great game fish species, specifically:

King Mackerel- The king mackerel or simply “kingfish” to the locals are found in the warm waters here all year round. Sometimes weighing 25 lbs and growing to around 5 feet, they can put up a real fight against even the toughest of fishermen. Known to jump out of the water and even break reels at times, people come from around the world to test their might against the king of the gulf.

Mahi Mahi- Known also as the dolphin fish, but keeping its Hawaiian name as to avoid confusion with the mammal of the same name, the mahi mahi is a beautiful fish, coated in a beautiful mix of tropical colors. Available year round in the southern Gulf, these critters enjoy hanging around the flotsam and jetsam floating around the waters. They might look nice, but make no mistake they put up a fight. Expect them to reach speeds of 50 knots, and sometimes weigh more than 30lbs. They make for a great story to tell everyone back home.

Anglers looking for a great experience in calm, beautiful blue water should head to the Florida Gulf coast for some great fishing and great fun.