Food Quality:


Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

42lbs 5oz

FL Record

40lbs 13oz

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Scientific Name

Lobotes surinamensis

Common Names

Drift fish, Leaf fish


The Tripletail earns its name from its dorsal and anal fins that give the appearance of a triple tail. The coloration of the Tripletail involves blended shades of yellow to brown with patterns of spots and blotches of color on the sides of the fish. The eyes are pushed forward with a steeply sloping forehead, almost resembling a grouper.

Habitat & Behaviour

Triple tails can be found in most subtropical and tropical waters and are often found in coastal waters and murky or muddy estuaries. Due to their preference of warm waters, there have been suggestions of migration patterns for this fish.

Natural Prey

Tripletails feed on what’s available and have been known to eat smaller fish like anchovies, crustaceans and invertebrates.

Handling Tips

Spines on top and gill plates are extremely sharp; handle with care.