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Scientific Name

Lopholatilus chamaeleonticeps

Common Names

Blue tilefish, Common tilefish, Great northern tilefish


Tilefish can be identified by their interesting coloration. Occasionally the body can be covered with gold colored spots, though usually they sport a gold colored blue striped tail fin. Their side can have a mix of bluish green that blends to a pink hue down the side of the fish with a yellow-silver underside.

Habitat & Behaviour

Tilefish burrow down into the muddy bottoms of deeper sloping or shelf like ocean. During the day they hunt outside their burrows, and retain their burrows during lower activity filled nights.

Natural Prey

Tilefish feed mostly on bottom dwelling invertebrates and crustaceans. However, they will feed on small fish, worms and mollusks.

Handling Tips

Watch for spines on top and gill plate, which can sometimes be sharp.