Striped Bass

Food Quality:

Striped Bass

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

81lbs 14oz

FL Record

43lbs 9oz

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Scientific Name

Morone saxatilis

Common Names

Striper, Rock bass


The striped bass gathers its name from the numerous black stripes that run down the side of the body. The back usually is a dark blue, black or green color and the bass has a large mouth with an extended lower jaw and forked tail.

Habitat & Behaviour

Striped Bass can be found in all water types but are most commonly found in salt water along coastal features such as piers, rips, rocks and flats. During migration Striped Bass can travel further out to sea and while spawning they can be found far up rivers. Besides this, Striped Bass are nearly always found in coastal waters. 

Natural Prey

The diet of the Striped Bass differs during their lifetime, with everything from zooplankton to herring and perch devoured in their life cycle.

Handling Tips

Watch for spines on top and gill plate, which can sometimes be sharp.