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Snapper, Dog

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Scientific Name

Lutjanus jocu

Common Names

Yellow snapper, Jocu


The dog snapper probably takes its name from its toothy appearance, as it sports generally more visible teeth than other snappers. Its coloration begins with red-orange body, but purple dots on the gill flaps distinguish it from most other snappers. It also sports a white patch on its gills as well as other bluish markings near the eye.

Habitat & Behaviour

Dog Snappers can be found in the warm tropical waters of Southern Florida as well as the Caribbean, though they can be caught elsewhere. They are at home in the coral reef and often hunt within the reef as well.

Natural Prey

Dog Snappers prowl the coral reefs for smaller fish,invertebrates and cephalopods.

Handling Tips

Reef fish like the Snapper require anglers to use dehooking tools and venting tools to safely release the fish. When releasing keep in water, remove hook with pliers or dehooker and vent accordingly if you brought it up from a deep depth. Don’t put fingers in mouth, grab behind head or underneath. Don’t grab by gills – grab underneath on the belly. Try not to damage the fish – don’t recommend grabbing by eyes. If harvesting, gaff larger ones around head. Meat very sought after so don’t gaff there.