Mullet, Silver

Food Quality:

Mullet, Silver

Avg. Length

3in to 8in

Avg. Weight


World Record

1lbs 7oz

FL Record


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Scientific Name

Mugil curema

Common Names

Lisa blanco, Liseta


The Silver Mullet takes its name from its silver coloration. This mullet is a smaller fish lacking stripes, however it can be identified by a dark spot on the pectoral fin.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Striped Mullet can be found in schools in nearly any coastal area and even into freshwater areas. Striped Mullet can be spotted in schools leaping from the water as they travel.

Natural Prey

Striped Mullet are omnivorous and subsist off of vegetation and small crustaceans.  

Handling Tips

Can be handled with ease. Nothing bad on the mullet to watch out for. They have small smooth mouths and a small spine.