Shark, H.H. – Smooth

Shark, H.H. – Smooth

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Scientific Name

Sphyrna zygaena

Common Names

Common hammerhead


The Smooth Hammerhead Shark takes its name from the absence of any indentations on its hammer shaped head. It is the second largest Hammerhead species and usually ranges from brown to dark green with a white belly. Occasionally the tips of the pectoral fins can be of a darker coloration.

Habitat & Behaviour

Smooth Hammerhead Sharks can often be found swimming in large groups near the surface in the open ocean. A migratory species they move towards colder water during the summer and return southward during the winter months. They can be found in shallower inshore waters when hunting.

Natural Prey

Depending on the size of the shark and the availability of food these sharks can eat other sharks and larger fish, skates and rays or smaller invertebrates.

Handling Tips

It goes without saying that you should steer well clear of any sharks mouth. They also have rough skin which if whipped on you can leave a rash. Little ones wiggle a quite a bit, grab behind gills and hold tail. Larger sharks tail snare if you can and keep in water. When releasing sharks try to leave as little line as possible. Hooks rot out in a few weeks. Pro Angler supports shark conservation and recommends you catch and release. If brought into the boat, leave for 15-20 minutes before handling, shark will tire and be easier to handle as their body is very strong as well. Known to even play dead before snapping at you, so be careful!