Seatrout, Spotted

Food Quality:

Seatrout, Spotted

Avg. Length


Avg. Weight


World Record

17lbs 7oz

FL Record

17lbs 7oz

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Scientific Name

Cynoscion nebulosus

Common Names

Trout, Speckled trout, Speck, Spotted weakfish, Spotted squeteague, Gator trout, Salmon trout, Winter trout, Black trout


The Spotted Seatrout can be distinguished from other Seatrout by its spotted fins. It also has an longer body and a protruding overbite. The inside of the mouth usually has one or two larger front teeth with an orange hue to the flesh. The coloration of the Spotted Seatrout can range from darker greens and greys on its back blending to a silver or white color on its belly. Juvenile fish can be identified by a darker band of color running the length of the fish.

Habitat & Behaviour

Spotted Seatrout are bottom dwellers found in coastal areas with sandy bottoms or vegetation. They can also be found near structures like oil rigs and prefer warm waters. Lower water tempatures can put this fish at risk of death and as such they move with warm water seasonally.

Natural Prey

The Spotted Seatrout dines on a variety of smaller fish such as pinfish, mullet, gobies the occasional trout and snapper.

Handling Tips

Definitely do not put your fingers in the mouth! Delicate fish. If you’re catching smaller ones try not to handle too much. If you have to handle them with a wet rag so you don’t wipe slime off – that would damage them.