Seatrout, Silver

Food Quality:

Seatrout, Silver

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1lbs 2oz

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Scientific Name

Cynoscion nothus

Common Names

Silver trout, Silver weakfish


The Silver Seatrout gains its name from its silver appearance and also has a yellow to brown range of coloration on its back. With a short nose and one or two larger teeth protruding from the upper jaw they can be distinguished from other seatrout by the lack of spots and occasional bars of color on the top of the body.

Habitat & Behaviour

Silver Seatrout can usually be found offshore but are commonly caught during the winter months in deeper coastal inlets and bays. They prefer sandy or muddy featureless bottoms.

Natural Prey

The Silver Seatrout makes a meal of smaller fish and invertebrates.

Handling Tips

Definitely do not put your fingers in the mouth! Delicate fish. If you’re catching smaller ones try not to handle too much. If you have to handle them with a wet rag so you don’t wipe slime off – that would damage them.