Sand Perch

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Sand Perch

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Scientific Name

Diplectrum formosum

Common Names

Coral snapper, Squirrelfish, Bolo


The Sand Perch is characterized by its brownish red body that sports dark bands of color resembling tiger strips across its elongated body. The fins are often yellow and the tip of the tail tinged blue. In addition the bottom lip of the mouth is blue and can radiate blue stripes.

Habitat & Behaviour

Sand Perch can be found along the shore and in bays. They prefer a variety of bottoms with some vegetation and rocky shelter, often in deeper channels.

Natural Prey

Sand Perch inhabit the structure lined bottoms such as rocky areas and reefs. This promotes a diet of smaller fish such as gobies and invertebrates and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

Watch for sharp gill plates and spines on top. Can otherwise be handled with ease.