Rainbow Runner

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Rainbow Runner

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37lbs 9oz

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Scientific Name

Elagatis bipinnulata

Common Names

Rainbow Jack, Spanish Jack,


The Rainbow Runner has close to a cylindrical, elongated body with a broadly forked tail. It’s perhaps most distinctive for its coloration which can be bluish green from above and a more brilliant silver below. There are also often two bands of color that run the length of the body one blue and the other yellowish. The tail is often an olive or yellowish color.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Rainbow Runner can be found at mid-depth in water with structures such as reefs and rock outcroppings. Usually they can be found far out from coastal areas, however they have been known to hang around coastal areas for short periods. 

Natural Prey

Rainbow Runners are known for their speed and subsist on a diet of small fish and invertebrates such as cephalopods and crustaceans.

Handling Tips

Gill plates can be sharp but they can be handled with ease when smaller, and handle with more care the larger they are.