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Scientific Name

Anisotremus virginicus

Common Names

Catalineta, Sisi, Harlequin grunt, Grunts, Dogfish, Atlantic porkfish, Paragrate grunt.


The Porkfish is characterized by its yellowish head decorated by two dark bands. Its tail is decorated by a black spot and has a silver base while the lower body of the fish has yellow stripes.  Younger fish display a different configuration of color with the front half yellow and the back half whitish.

Habitat & Behaviour

Pork fish start off in their juvenile state as cleaner fish working in the reef. As they grow they become mixed with other schools of fish or can be found as singles. Similar to Grunts they rub their teeth together to make a grunting like sound that’s amplified by air in their bladders. These fish can often be found in reefs or mixed in with schools in shallow water.

Natural Prey

The Porkfish is a nocturnal hunter preferring invertebrates such as crustaceans, worms or mollusks.

Handling Tips

Watch for sharp gill plates and spines on top. Can otherwise be handled with ease.