Porgy, Whitebone

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Porgy, Whitebone

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3lbs 5oz

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Scientific Name

Calamus leucosteus

Common Names

White porgy, Silver porgy, Silver snapper


The Whitebone Porgy sports an oval shaped body and has a distinctive pinkish hue with blue and yellow cheeks. Occasionally this fish can have brownish markings on its fins and blue markings on its head in the eye area. On the nose the Whitebone Porgy has slits for nostrils and its back is mainly silver in coloration.

Habitat & Behaviour

Whitebone Porgies are bottom dwellers that can often be found in mid-depth waters with structures like reefs or rocks, however they can also be found on sandy or muddy bottoms. These fish prefer warmer waters and as such move into warmer waters during the winter, often going further out from the shallows they return to in the summer

Natural Prey

The Whitebone Porgy as a bottom feeder subsists on a diet of invertebrates living in and among the coral, rocks or muddy bottoms.

Handling Tips

Not very big, easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.