Porgy, Saucereye

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Porgy, Saucereye

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Scientific Name

Calamus calamus

Common Names

Big-eye porgy, Pez de pluma


Saucereye Porgies are humpbacked oval shaped fish that take their name from a blue line that is reminiscent of a saucer. The body of Saucereye is silvery with a bluish hue. The scales form patterns of horizontal blue lines with outlines of a bronze like color. The cheeks and nose of the fish are purple blue with yellowish splotches, some of which may form dots.

Habitat & Behaviour

The Saucereye Porgies can be found at a range of depths from very shallow to reasonably deep. The deeper the water the older the Saucereye, though uncommon in the tropical waters of the Americas they are still caught. They prefer hard, structured bottoms such as coral, sand or rocks and can often be found swimming or hovering above the bottom.  

Natural Prey

The Saucereye Porgy makes a meal of most invertebrates such as urchins and crabs.

Handling Tips

Not very big, easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.