Porgy, Red

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Porgy, Red

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Scientific Name

Pagrus pagrus

Common Names



The Red Porgy gathers its name from a body coloration that ranges from bright to darker red that often sports rows of pale blue spots on it. Its belly is a silver white color and it has noticeable teeth. The Red Porgy also has a black tail with white edging and appears as though it’s humpbacked and stocky.

Habitat & Behaviour

Red Porgies can be found inhabiting reefs and deeper parts of continental shelves. Traveling in schools Red Porgies are rarely found in the same place and are a migratory fish. The older the Red Porgy, the better the chance of finding them in deeper water.

Natural Prey

Red Porgies are bottom feeders and as such subsist on a diet of invertebrates and the occasional small fish or worm.

Handling Tips

Not very big, easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.