Porgy, Knobbed

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Porgy, Knobbed

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5lbs 12oz

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Scientific Name

Calamus nodosus

Common Names

Key west porgy


The Knobbed Porgy has a coloration of silver blue on the body with yellowish brown spots and bluish splotches under the eyes. The just behind the head the back protrudes producing a knobby look creating the impetus for this porgy’s name. The body is somewhat triangular shaped with flat sides and yellowish spots under the eyes.

Habitat & Behaviour

Knobbed Porgies can be found at mid-depths preferring structures such as wrecks, reefs and rocky outcrops. For bottom dwellers they are both speedy and have powerful teeth making them a formidable opponent for invertebrates.

Natural Prey

The Knobbed Porgy feeds on mostly invertebrates but can also occasionally take small fish as well.

Handling Tips

Not very big, easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.