Porgy, Jolthead

Food Quality:

Porgy, Jolthead

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Avg. Weight


World Record

23lbs 4oz

FL Record

23lbs 4oz

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Scientific Name

Calamus bajonado

Common Names



The Jolthead Porgy has a distinctive rounded head with higher larger eyes and a splotched yellowish brown appearance. Some Joltheads may also be greyish in color and have bluish stripes. Above the eyeball a blue splotch may also be present.

Habitat & Behaviour

Jolthead Porgies can be found as solitary fish in coastal waters, preferring vegetation and sandy bottoms. They can also be found on the bottom of coral reefs and in schools if they are young.

Natural Prey

Joltheads are known to feed on invertebrates.

Handling Tips

Not very big usually, some to get quite large. They are easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.