Porgy, Grass

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Porgy, Grass

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Scientific Name

Calamus arctifrons

Common Names

Grass bream, Shad porgy


The Grass Porgy is characterized by a nodule in front of the eye and a small mouth with formidable canine teeth. The Grass Porgy ranges in coloration from green or dark olive to tan tinged silver. The most identifiable spot on a Grass Porgy is a black spot just behind the gills. The body shape is humpbacked, though not as much as other Porgies and it tends to be the smallest of the species.

Habitat & Behaviour

Grass Porgies take their name from their favorite place of residence: coastal waters with plenty of vegetation. Young fish have often been known to school.

Natural Prey

Grass Porgies feast on plant matter, invertebrates and the occasional small fish making them an omnivore.

Handling Tips

Not very big, easy to handle, some spines on top, but grab from underneath and grab the gill plates.